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Paloma Aesthetics is a private studio located within the beautiful hillside of Glendora, Ca. She proudly offers customized skincare treatments including hydrodermabrasion and enzyme therapy. Learn more and get booked to start your journey to healthy skin.

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Meet Paloma, Aesthetician & Owner

My love for skincare and beauty led me to pursue a career in esthetics. I trained, studied, and honed my skills, ultimately becoming a professional esthetician. Helping others look and feel their best is not just a job but a calling.

My work in esthetics is a source of immense satisfaction. The smiles on my clients' faces when they leave my studio with rejuvenated and glowing skin are the most rewarding part of my journey.

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Paloma Aesthetics proudly partners with Skinscript Rx for all facial treatments and home care recommendations. Being dedicated to beautiful skin, Skin Script provides the promise of healthy, vitalized, and youthful-looking skin and paired with my expertise, you're in for an rejuvenating experience.


Not only do we utilize Skinscript in-studio, but we also offer their products for home use as well. In fact, we highly encourage it as results are cumulative and doing the work at home is 80% of the results and what we do in the treatment room is 20%. Combining those two allow us create results that last.


If you're ready to make a change for the better of your skin, but have a few more questions, head on over to the contact page so we can work through it.